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Maurice Amogola

It gives me great pleasure to invite all potential clients and various stakeholders to our revamped website that represents the membership of Uganda Association of Insurance Brokers...

Welcome to Uganda Association of Insurance Brokers

The Uganda Association of Insurance Brokers (UAIB) is a body of insurance broking persons, firms, companies, corporations or cooperative societies carrying on business in Uganda. UAIB aims to protect and promote the interests of the insurance brokers.

UAIB is duly registered by the Uganda Insurance Regulatory Authority and form an integral part of the insurance industry in Uganda. Our members are required to adhere to a well-defined Code of Conduct.

As Insurance Brokers, we are independent professional advisors who act on behalf of clients by providing professional and objective advice on identifying risks and exposures and recommend cost effective solutions.

In personal and business matters, the correct insurance is vital. Wrong or inadequate protection can lead to disastrous consequences for individuals, families or business. The right advice makes all the difference and prevents costly mistakes.

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Who is an Insurance Broker?

An Insurance Broker is a specialist in Insurance and Risk Management. Brokers Act on behalf of their clients and provide advice in the best interest of their clients. In Uganda to operate as an Insurance broker you must be a registered company, licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda, to carry out the business of Insurance intermediary and Brokerage services and a member of the Uganda Association of Insurance Brokers.[UAIB]

Some Roles of an Insurance Broker include:

  • Evaluation of your risk exposure and advice on how best you can mitigate/reduce your risks through insurance.
  • Advice on how to choose the most efficient, reliable and reputable Insurance company to underwrite/carry your risks.
  • Structuring/ tailoring your insurance cover according to your needs in order to ensure proper transfer of your risks to Insurance companies. Brokers are professionally trained to choose the right policy/policies for their customers.
  • Distribution of risks between two or more insurance companies through co-insurance, especially when the amounts insured are beyond the capacity of one insurance company.

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